Strange times

In these strange and uncertain times the most important thing we can do is try to stay fit, healthy and positive.

Eating healthily is within our power, and though the pull to comfort eat is strong, with a little change in our mind set, and a little self love, we can overcome the urge to reach for the sweet unhealthy convenience stuff..Forget will power, we can change our thinking..  We are not giving anything up by not eating the wrong thing, we are gaining so much more by choosing to eat well!  Fuelling our bodies to be strong and healthy.  Every time we reach for the wrong thing we are doing ourselves a disservice and short-lived good feeling are soon out weighed by feelings of remorse or the effect it has on our bodies.

Every time we eat a sugary treat or over eat we are not feeding ourselves in a good way but filling an emptiness that can never be filled.

We need to look after ourselves so that we can be the best versions of ourselves.  We may only be carrying and extra stone to two in weight, but that extra stone is wrapping itself around our organs in an unhealthy way leading to inflammation and the risk of disease in our bodies.

Fill your fridge with a  wide range of different coloured vegetables, pick vegetables that you wouldn’t normally buy.  Go for whole foods instead of processed, like almonds with the skins on or brown rice instead of white and go for dried lentils or chickpeas and beans instead of canned.  Look for food that is as close to its natural shape and colour as when it was picked.   Experiment with new recipes.  If you need to snack, cut up carrots and vegetables and snack on those, eat an apple or an orange.  Eat slowly and mindfully, suddenly that apple or orange becomes a thing of real beauty!

Get in touch with the hunter gatherers we once were, feeding off the land.

Look for good sources of protein that are as free from pesticides and chemicals as possible.  That have been reared or grown by people who actually care.

Have a look on the internet for interesting and varied recipes, eating healthily does not have to be boring or tasteless.  You may discover a new talent that you never knew was there.

Celebrate food in its natural form.  We can eat ourselves to a healthier version of ourselves in no time with a little change starting today!

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